Our mission is to harness our experience, knowledge, and creativity to create viable marketing solutions.

About Us & Northwest Digital

Please, allow us to introduce ourselves.  We’re Northwest Digital, a full-service, sales geared, digital marketing agency from Bellingham, WA.

With our team’s combined skill set ranging from web development and graphic design to business development and sales, we decided to join forces.  We launched Northwest Digital in 2017, taking a new approach to digital marketing and web design.  We build websites and marketing campaigns from both sales and consumer perspectives.  Helping organizations and companies, regardless of size or industry, improve conversion rates, grow traffic and increase revenue.

We strive every day to learn more about the evolving world of digital marketing by keeping in-touch with the latest trends, greatest technology, and top employees.


Our Network of Experts

We don’t know it all. We sure don’t pretend to! We call on industry experts when it makes sense to do so. The business landscape is always changing, and we won’t hesitate to contact experts in your field to help build a plan customized to your company’s needs. We always confer with experienced people and employ a variety of resources to deliver the best results. Our extensive business network means our clients reap the benefits, receiving stellar results in record time.


If you’re interested working together or simply want to learn more about us and the services we provide, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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